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GMC hosts Dual Enrollment Summit

Georgia Military College (GMC) hosted its first Dual Enrollment (DE) Summit for nearly 50 high school principals, counselors, and administrators across the state. The two-day summit started June 22, and was organized by GMC’s Online Campus.

“The purpose of the summit is two-fold,” said Jody Yearwood, GMC’s Online Campus Executive Director. “First, we wanted high schools currently participating with GMC in the DE program to come together to share ideas and lessons learned on how to best manage their programs and also expand access to their students. Second, we invited new high schools that had not yet partnered with us to learn about all the benefits of the Move-On-When-Ready (MOWR) program and to show them how GMC can open access to their students.”

GMC’s dual enrollment program provides the opportunity for high school students to get a head start on college and their career. Students can begin taking college courses as early as ninth grade through the MOWR program in hopes of receiving their associate degree before high school graduation. The MOWR program will allow high school students to receive college and high school credit for the same coursework, and the college credit can be transferred to any college in the nation. Through state funding and GMC scholarship funds, all tuition and books are free. GMC’s online dual enrollment courses are also free and provide flexibility for students.

The DE Summit included sessions on how to process MOWR applications, incorporate student resources, and how to examine student success in the program. GMC currently has dual enrollment partnerships with 80 high schools in the state with an enrollment of more than 1000 students.

“The partnership with GMC has been phenomenal,” said Camille Murner, Jasper County High School Principal. “It has changed lives. The weekly updates, conversations, delivering books, and meeting my high school kids have made this a successful partnership. Everybody loves these kids and everybody wants to see them do well.” Jasper County High School partnered with GMC this past summer and Murner expects another 30 of her students will take dual enrollment courses with GMC in July.

Murner was the recipient of the GMC 2015-2016 MOWR Partner of the Year Award and received her award at the reception. Murner said this award is acknowledgement of her team’s commitment to provide opportunities to Jasper County HS students.

Aletha Armour, who is an Instructional Coach at Terrell County High School, attended the summit with hopes that her school will form a dual enrollment partnership with GMC.

“Being in Southwest Georgia you’re kind of limited as to your resources and getting the kids in the DE program will cover our Advanced Placement (AP) component,” said Aletha Armour, Terrell County High School Instructional Coach. “It will also give students otherwise who wouldn’t have an opportunity to take college courses to experience it.”

Georgia Military College plans to make the DE Summit an annual event and expand attendance each year. Students can learn more on how to sign up for dual enrollment courses by contacting Georgia Military College’s admission office at (478) 387-4950.


Jasper County High School Principal, Camille Murner (Pictured in the Middle), received the GMC 2015-2016 Move On When Ready Partner of the Year Award.