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GMC Celebrates 50th BAS Graduate

GMC Celebrates 50th BAS Graduate

Opportunity is the word Tenario Powell uses to describe why he enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree program at Georgia Military College (GMC). After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, and another in Computer Support, it was Powell’s Registrar at Augusta Technical College (ATC) that told him about GMC’s BAS program, and their course transfer agreement with ATC. Powell says he jumped at the opportunity to further his education. Now he’s GMC’s 50th BAS graduate!

While working towards his BAS degree, Powell not only balances his studies at GMC, he’s also a Software Developer for the City of Augusta. He says pursuing a BAS degree in Business Management will help him further his career.

“I wanted this degree for personal edification,” Powell explained. “I felt that if I knew the business side of my industry, it will help me advance my career. I really hope that my education will get me a promotion at my place of employment. I’ve learned so much at GMC, especially in project management, data structures, and information systems. All of my courses have helped me learn to program in a business minded way. This BAS degree combined with my technical skills has really helped broaden my horizons.”

Although Powell won’t walk at graduation until May 2020, he completed his BAS degree requirements at GMC in October. He plans to attend Kennesaw State University to further his education even more, pursuing a Master of Science degree in Information Technology. 

Tianna Marynell, GMC’S Degree Program Coordinator, says GMC’s BAS degree programs have opened new doors for students to pursue more opportunities in their careers.

“Part of GMC’s mission is ‘to produce educated citizens and contributing members of society,’” Marynell said. “Our BAS programs have become an integral asset towards fulfilling that mission at GMC. These degree programs allow students to apply their Associates of Applied Science degree (AAS), technical, and occupational coursework towards completing a bachelor degree. Obtaining a BAS degree at GMC can open more career advancement opportunities and increase earning potential for our graduates.”

Dr. Mike Holmes, Vice President of Academic Affairs at GMC, says he’s proud to see how the BAS program has grown since the institution’s first BAS graduate in May of 2018.

“I’m very proud to see GMC making a difference in the lives of its students,” Holmes said. “GMC provides opportunity and hope for a brighter future to our students and I’m excited that these BAS degree program students are taking advantage of that opportunity to make a difference in their lives.”

Congratulations to Tenario Powell on being GMC’S 50th BAS graduate!