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GMC Awards Students at Academic Honors Assembly

GMC Celebrates Student Accomplishments at Honors Assembly

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Georgia Military College celebrated Milledgeville campus students for their excellence and accomplishments in specific classes throughout the 2018-2019 academic year.

Several awards were presented Friday, based on the student nominations from GMC instructors. Subject Matter Awards were presented in Composition, Literature, Music, Education, American History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anatomy and physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Majors-level Math, Core-level Math, Business, and Computer Science. Also awarded were Character Awards, and the Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader, which is awarded to students based on the number of volunteer community service hours they’ve completed.

Also presented Friday was the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award, which went to students from the Milledgeville and Madison campuses. The Dean's Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded annually in the spring term to any student who is eligible to walk in the spring graduation ceremony, and has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.7. In addition, the student must not have received any grade below ‘C,’ or withdrawn from more than two courses while enrolled at Georgia Military College.

Stephanie Roberts, Assistant Professor of English at GMC-Milledgeville, says the Academic Honors Assembly is a special event.

“I love this event because it recognizes students for their specific talents and areas of excellence,” Roberts said. “It is wonderful to see how encouraged and proud the students are when they are awarded for their hard work, character, and dedication. The students who are honored at these assemblies are exceptional students, and I’m glad that we have the opportunity to congratulate them in this way for their accomplishments.”

Below is a list of award recipients.

Subject Matter Awards

Composition I
Aston Foley

Composition II
Ivey Dunlap

Ashlee Brown, Anna Caldwell, Taylor Sherwood

Aaron Hill, Tucker Skipper

Kendall Calhoun, Cecilia Graham, Amber Oliver

American History
Emani Bennet, Paige Sargent

Political Science
Austin Cook, Emma Holder, Cameron Walker

Sandy Carter, Raina Collins, Howard Davis, Tamia Janes, Cameron Walker, Kenneth Walker

Rebekah Daugherty, Natalie Johnson

Anatomy & Physiology
James Aldridge, Isialyn Guyton, Sarah Mason, Ansley Roberts

Ka’Resha Dennis

Caleb Hardie, Courtney Youmans

Majors-level Math
Hayden Hendricks

Core-level Math
Matheus Reis

Alan Nichols

Computer Science
Madison McBride

Character Awards
Rebekah Daugherty, Torenio Davis

Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader
Victoria Easter, Kaitlyn Gaskins

Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award
Cindy Aaron, James Aldridge, Hanna Aspinwall, Nicolina Boza, Morgan Burgamy, Kendall Calhoun, Lauren Childers, Raina Collins, Kenesha Cooper, Joel Copes, Grace Cruce, Rebekah Daugherty, Frank Davis, Kristin Dennard, Tara Downs, Cire Foston, Kaitlynn Frier, Cecilia Graham, Caleb Hardie, Hayden Hood, Lonnie Howell, Jason Hudgins, Tony Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Jarod Knight, Juan MacKrey, Madison McBride, Eduardo Mireles-Valle, Brionna Murray, Luke Ninneman, Haley Nunn, Amber Oliver, Bessie Pittman, Olivia Portwood, MacKensie Poynter, Bryan Riezinger, Tylar Rivers, Natalie Roberts, Luke Rutherford, Oscar Salcedo, Jason Schneck, Elizabeth Screws, Jardon Sharpe, Taylor Sherwood, Lindsey South, Amelia Summers, Alexis Vaughn, Faith Wealot, Hailey Wilkinson, Caroline Wood

Congratulations to all of our students on their accomplishments!