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GMC-Augusta helps students de-stress for Finals Week

(The Alliance of Therapy Dogs visited students at GMC's Augusta campus to help them relieve stress during Finals Week.)

Finals week is always a time of high stress and tension for students. Luckily, Georgia Military College – Augusta has ways to help students de-stress in order to be better prepared to finish out the term. Last quarter, Jessica Tang, the Library Associate at the Augusta campus invited the Alliance of Therapy Dogs to visit students during finals week. Pet therapy has been scientifically proven to have physical and mental benefits for individuals with these interactions. Benefits include the body releasing calming endorphins, lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, providing comfort, and lifting spirits.

“Again, the therapy dogs this quarter was a huge success,” said Jessica Tang, GMC-Augusta’s Library Associate. “I think this is a great way for students to take a break from studying and enjoy the company of the dogs. All the students, staff, and faculty loved them and so I plan to continue inviting the therapy dogs back to visit during every finals week.”

Additionally, on Tuesday, February 28th, GMC Augusta also invited students from Miller Motte Technical College to set up massage chairs in the student lounge to give massages! Massages were available to all students free of charge. Much like animal therapy, massages also provide notable benefits including relieving stress, tension in muscles, and headaches.

(Pet therapy helps the body release calming endorphins, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety.) 

(GMC-Augusta invited students from Miller Motte Technical College to give out massages to students.)