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German Armed Forces Badge

On Thursday, March 6, several Early Commissioning Program cadets participated in an event to complete the first stage of earning the German Armed Forces Badge of Military Proficiency. Members of the German Army stationed at Fort Gordon administered the test.

The German Armed Forces Badge of Military Proficiency was introduced in 1972 and it certifies a German soldier’s special leadership and physical fitness proficiency. U.S. soldiers may also earn this badge under equal conditions and it can be worn on the U.S. Army “class A” uniform as a Foreign Award. A Soldier qualifies for this award by demonstrating proficiency in three main disciplines: General Military Capabilities (first Aid, pistol qualification, ruck march), Physical Fitness Qualifications (long jump, high jump, sprints, shot put, distance run, swimming proficiency), and Functional Performance (demonstrating competence in one’s soldier skills).