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Georgia Military College Columbus Students Receive Georgia Power Scholarship

Georgia Military College Columbus is pleased to announce that Latoria Tucker and Paul Huston of Columbus have been awarded the Georgia Power Scholarship for the 2015 academic year.

The Georgia Power Scholarship is awarded once per year, typically to one non-traditional student attending GMC Columbus. This year, the award is being divided between two students. The application process requires students to provide letters of recommendation from civic or community leaders and to write about their reasons for attending college. The qualifications that lead to Tucker and Huston’s selection included grade point average, community involvement, and involvement within the school.

“I am honored to receive the Georgia Power Scholarship,” Tucker stated. A Criminal Justice major, she plans to finish her bachelor’s degree at Columbus State University after completing her associate degree at GMC Columbus. Tucker stated that the key to her success in college thus far has been “to work hard and aim for success.” Tucker thanks the faculty and staff of GMC Columbus, as well as her classmates, friends, and family, “who support my college career and acknowledge my academic achievements.” 

Dr. Jared Lee of Columbus was one of several professors who recommended Tucker for the scholarship. Lee happily recommended Tucker because of “her excellent work ethic, professionalism, and willingness to help others.” Lee elaborated: “Other students look up to her as a leader because she has succeeded in her courses to such a degree that she can serve as a mentor to them.”

Huston felt “accomplished and excited” to learn that he had been selected to receive the scholarship. A Homeland Security and Emergency Management major, Huston’s goal at GMC is to finish his education. “Every little bit helps,” Huston stated, and receiving this scholarship will help provide more opportunities to “spend time with family and play sports,” which are Huston’s hobbies. 

Professor Jake Patrick was among those to recommend Huston for the scholarship. “Paul brings enthusiasm and focus with him into the classroom,” Patrick stated. He added, “Paul’s attentiveness and work ethic spread to other students in the class, who I am convinced performed better and learned more as a result of Paul’s studious attitude and eagerness to engage in the lessons.”

Tucker (L) receives her award from GMC Columbus Director Ron Hundley













Huston (L) receives his award from GMC Columbus Director Ron Hundley