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Georgia Military College and Wesleyan College Establish a Bridge Program Partnership

Georgia Military College and Wesleyan College Establish a Bridge Program Partnership

“Bridge to Wesleyan Program”


Georgia Military College (GMC) and Wesleyan College, in the spirit of academic cooperation, signed an articulation agreement to facilitate the transfer of graduates of GMC to Wesleyan College. Along with providing a smooth transfer of graduates to Wesleyan College, GMC and Wesleyan established the “Bridge to Wesleyan Program.”

This invitation-only program will provide first-year applicants of Wesleyan who demonstrate potential for success in college the opportunity to bridge between Wesleyan and GMC for their freshman year. Students who are considered for the program will have the ability to attend GMC for the first year in an established cohort that will be tracked, monitored, and mentored to ensure success.

Georgia Military College has a proven track record in preparing students for success at larger institutions of higher education. Each year, students from across the nation come to Georgia Military College to pursue an appointment to one of the United States Service Academies. GMC’s Service Academy Prep Program puts students through the rigor of academics they will encounter at the academies, while also preparing them physically and mentally for the challenge. GMC aims to ensure that each student participating in the “Bridge to Wesleyan Program” will be equally successful when they begin their sophomore year at Wesleyan College.

Georgia Military College will provide academic advising, student support services, and a student life component, all of which are designed to help students meet the Bridge admissions requirements. Following the successful conclusion of the one-year Bridge to Wesleyan Program, students may transition to full attendance at Wesleyan College. Under the terms of the agreement, students in the Bridge to Wesleyan Program are required to earn a minimum of 24 semester (36 quarter) transferable credits and achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 to be eligible to enter Wesleyan as a sophomore.

“We are thrilled to establish our first-ever bridge program with Wesleyan College that will provide students with a solid foundation before bridging to Wesleyan,” said President of Georgia Military College, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell IV, USA (Ret). “This program was designed to outfit students with the tools and resources needed to meet their educational goals.  GMC is committed to ensuring each Bridge participant is equipped to meet the Bridge admissions requirements to successfully transfer to Wesleyan, and even more important, to succeed as a leader at Wesleyan as well.”

At Georgia Military College, one of the core missions is to provide pathways for the successful transfer of its degree programs and coursework into a four-year institution. In alignment with this mission, this agreement with Wesleyan expands educational opportunities for students wanting to pursue a bachelor-level degree. This agreement formally recognizes that Georgia Military College and Wesleyan College are committed to the establishment of an educational partnership to better serve future students.