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Deadly Decisions

As part of Georgia Military College’s Red Ribbon Week, we welcomed Eric Krug and his mother, Joyce Krug, who spoke to the prep school on Tuesday, October 16.

The following information is taken from the fact sheet outlining the Krug’s presentation entitled, “Deadly Decisions.” Eric and his mom travel throughout Georgia to share Eric’s message in the hopes of saving lives from deadly decisions.

Ten years ago, Eric Krug was a standout baseball player at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a typical college student…enjoying life, hanging out with friends and having a good time. But this life that Eric knew came to an abrupt and horrific end on the night of April 11, 1997.
On that night, Eric Krug made a horrible choice. He and one of his teammates got into a car that was being driven by a drunk driver. In a tragic twist of irony, April 11, 1997 was Eric’s 21st birthday. Eric’s baseball career, and his life as he knew it, ended that night.

The drunk driver crashed into a tree, killing Eric’s teammate and leaving Eric in a coma, where he would remain for more than a year. Life as Eric knew it was over. As a result of the traumatic brain injury that Eric sustained, he lost most of his long term memory. He can no longer remember the home runs he hit, the double plays he made, or even his high school prom.
As a result of the crash, Eric also lost the use of his right arm and no longer has the strength to walk on his own, without assistance. This is Eric Krug’s new “reality” – day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Today, Eric Krug is 31 years old. He no longer plays baseball. He is on a bigger mission now. He no longer saves games with clutch double plays. Now Eric saves lives by sharing his powerful and inspirational story in high schools, colleges, churches, and military bases throughout the state of Georgia.

Eric’s inspiring message is delivered through the voice of someone who has lived this horrible tragedy by his side, every step of the way. Joyce Krug, Eric’s mother and pillar of strength, gives Eric’s presentation for him, with Eric at her side. Eric would prefer to personally give the speech that he wrote but that’s not possible. Tragically, as a result of the drunk-driving crash, Eric Krug also lost his ability to speak.

The Krugs bring a DVD to show during their presentation that shows Eric before the crash, living his life to its fullest. It also shows Eric’s long and painful struggle after the crash.

The message is powerful. The messenger is amazing.