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David and CC Sinclair Donate $20,000 to GMC Prep School

David and CC Sinclair Donate $20,000 to GMC Prep School

With the help of generous donations, Georgia Military College Prep School students are afforded many opportunities they otherwise may not have. Two of these generous donors are David and CC Sinclair, who recently donated $20,000 to GMC Prep School for assisting needs-based students with scholarships.

The Sinclairs have been friends of Georgia Military College and Prep School for several years, after moving to Milledgeville in 2009. While looking to become involved in their new hometown, David and CC attended a Development Authority meeting at Georgia Military College where they met General Peter Boylan, who at the time was President of GMC. They struck up a conversation that led to a lasting relationship, partnership, and friendship between the Sinclairs and GMC. Over the years they’ve donated to the construction of the Goldstein Center for Performing Arts, they support scholarship funding for Georgia Military College students, and have made a number of donations in support of the institution. During Alumni Weekend this year, David and CC were both named an Honorary Alumnus of Georgia Military College.

David and CC’s donation of $20,000 to GMC Prep School will continue helping students achieve success, and will bring in new students that otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend GMC Prep School. David says education is his and CC’s passion, so to be able to make a contribution like this will not only benefit the students of GMC Prep School, but the community.

“We want to invest in education, and we have done that not only here, but in many places over the years,” David said. “The return of our investment is seeing the students’ success, and GMC has a tremendous track record with that. We’re delighted to see the positive impact that this has on our community through these students.” This core belief of giving back through the gift of education as a way to elevate communities has long been the standard by which David has measured his business associations. His most recent partnership with Envirocon, headquartered in Missoula, MT,  is another example of working with people who believe in giving back to build communities.

Through their passion for education, David and CC also work frequently with students in the Georgia College Early College Program, Baldwin County Schools Reach Program, and they also support activities at the Boys and Girls club of Milledgeville and Gray, Georgia. CC says she and David believe all students, regardless of what school they’re at, deserve the same opportunities.

“We love Georgia Military College because to me, it’s so representative of diversity and the built-in focus on character, duty, and responsibility, and other things they learn as a part of their curriculum” CC said. “It’s wonderful to see because some of these kids come from struggling backgrounds and they don’t really have a solid foundation to build off for their future education. It is just great to be able to come to a place like Georgia Military College where students are nurtured and taught, but at the same time, students are given the wings to grow and develop into responsible citizens. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College, says David and CC’s generosity makes a difference in the lives of students at GMC Prep School.

“The incredible generosity of David and CC Sinclair to provide an opportunity for young boys and girls to attend GMC Prep School is greatly appreciated, “Caldwell said. “The two of them are literally changing lives through their gifts to assist others. We at GMC Prep School are so thankful for their support.”