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COL Patrick Beer announces retirement from GMC

(After nearly 20 years, COL Patrick Beer will retire from GMC at the end of June in 2018.) 

For nearly 20 years, Colonel (COL) Patrick Beer has been making sure that students in Georgia Military College’s (GMC) Cadet Corps are equipped with the skills needed to serve and protect our country. COL Beer says it is now time to pass the torch as GMC’s Commandant of Cadets and Dean of Students to someone else.

“Working with the students keeps you young,” said COL Patrick Beer, GMC’s Commandant of Cadets and Dean of Students. “I’ve enjoyed that every single year and I appreciate both General Boylan and General Caldwell’s trust in me to do this job.”

While serving active duty in the Army, COL Beer transferred to GMC in 1997 to become the Professor of Military Science. After serving 21 years in the military he retired and in 1999 COL Beer was hired as a GMC employee to serve as the Commandant of Cadets and Dean of Students. He replaced COL Fred Van Horn who became GMC’s Executive Vice President. COL Van Horn says COL Beer was the right person for the job.

“He was a very quiet and calm officer who looked after the discipline and training of the cadets and set a steady example for them,” said COL Fred Van Horn, GMC’s former Executive Vice President. “The reputation of the college rested on his shoulders as the Commandant of Cadets. He made sure that the cadets who went on to four-year schools carried the best of GMC with them. That’s where his legacy lies.”

COL Beer has a love and a passion for character development and community service. He’s put in a lot of time and effort towards instilling those traits into his cadets. He’s pleased with how GMC’s Cadet Corps continues to evolve each year.

“It gets better every year,” said COL Beer. “Each leadership group sits on the shoulders of the previous year so they can see a little bit further down the road. Right now the quality and size of it is the best it’s ever been. We’re doing all of the right things by teaching them the values of leadership and character.”

COL Beer’s impact can also be felt among his colleagues and cadets. For 13 years, Barbara Johnson has worked side by side with COL Beer as the Administrative Assistant in the Commandant’s office. Johnson says COL Beer’s presence will greatly be missed at GMC.

“It is hard to put into words what an influence COL Beer has been in my life,” said Barbara Johnson, Commandant’s Office Administrative Assistant. “I have never met a more understanding person. When there is a problem and one needs to talk, he takes time out to listen, he is reassuring, and always sees the big picture. I have learned to listen better and express myself with more discipline. He is a wonderful leader. Whoever takes his place will have “big shoes” to follow.”

Jaylan Mobley took over as the Regimental Commander for GMC’s 139th Corps of Cadets this year and he says that COL Beer has always been a great mentor to all of the cadets.

“COL Beer has always shown what it means to be committed to something bigger than yourself,” said Regimental Commander Jaylan Mobley, GMC’s 139th Corps of Cadets. “He takes pride in what he does and cares for all cadets and their future carriers. He always has a clear understanding of everything and knows from experience how to teach and guide us to build from our mistakes. He shows what it truly means to live by duty, honor, and country. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for GMC and I know his legacy will live on forever.”

COL Beer will retire at the end of June next year. But as the President of GMC, LtGen Bill Caldwell said, “Pat is just making a transition in life, he will always be a part of our GMC Family as he has for 20 years.  We have been blessed by his presence, his professionalism and his commitment to our Cadets and our students at GMC.”

COL Beer is hoping that he will be remembered at GMC for his commitment to the improved professionalism of the Corps of Cadets.

(COL Patrick Beer was recognized during GMC’s Military Appreciation Day themed football game with a signed helmet by GMC’s Football team.)