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Chris Bell Awarded by Moore Family Fund for Teacher Enrichment

(Milledgeville, GA) September 12, 2003 – Mr. Chris Bell, Assistant Professor of English, Union City campus of Georgia Military College, was honored as the 2003 recipient of the Moore Family Fund for Teacher Enrichment Award, Thursday, September 4, 2003. Mr. Bell was recognized for consistently demonstrating an exceptional ability to stimulate his students in English Composition and Literature, and to increase their ability to communicate effectively and concisely.

Mr. Chris Bell joined the faculty of Georgia Military College in November 1999, and he is known on the Union City campus and throughout GMC as a challenging and demanding teacher who expects nothing less than the best of his students. His students praised his teaching with letters of recommendation, crediting him for opening their eyes and ears to the beauty of the language in the literature and poetry he explores with them. One such letter stated, “Mr. Bell’s classes are always challenging and interesting. He is a very energetic and motivating teacher, which is reflected in his methods of instruction. At times he pushed me to the limits of my abilities; however, I cannot thank him enough for the gains I received due to his dedication and care.”

The Moore Family Fund is an endowment established by brothers, Powell A. Moore and Jere N. Moore, Jr., and their aunt, Dr. Floride Moore Gardner, in memory of Jeremiah N. Moore, one of the founders of Georgia Military College and longtime member of the GMC Board of Trustees; his son, Robert Boling Moore, and grandson, Jere N. Moore, both of whom served on the GMC Board of Trustees, and his daughter, Mattie Moore, who taught at GMC Elementary School. All of them served Milledgeville in the newspaper business, and all dedicated their lives and work to the betterment of GMC and their community.

The purpose of the fund is to supplement the salary of a junior college faculty member who is improving the writing skills of students in the interest of enhancing their capacity for contributing to their community, state and nation through the use of the English language.