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Character of the Week – Stephen Batchelor

Character of the Week – Stephen Batchelor

Stephen Batchelor – 12th Grade
Nominated by Major Leigh Scott

I am delighted to nominate Cadet Stephen Batchelor for the Character Student Award based on his exemplary courteous manners both in and outside the classroom. He certainly has earned my respect and love for him as a student willing to offer help when I least expect it.

There is no way that I could tell you how many times that Stephen has stopped by my room with a cheery greeting or an offer to help me out when I find myself covered up in work. Granted Stephen and I started the school year off on rocky ground, but I think when he realized that my expectations of him were much higher he rose to the challenge. The character traits that stand out in my mind of Stephen’s would be common courtesy and helpfulness. His offers to help me out in class and when I had canteen duty without requesting merits is a sure-fire way to see one more character trait which is selflessness.

The small things that Stephen does are noticeable and separate him from many of our students here at GMC. I can attest that Stephen’s genuine caring attitude towards me and that of his peers has earned him my respect as an outstanding student that has not gone unnoticed. The bottom line is Stephen makes my day better and more enriching with his quality character traits and as a teacher I am most appreciative of his efforts!