GMC News

Character of the Week: Rem-Martin Tolentino

I would like to nominate Rem-Martin Tolentino for Character of the Week for the character virtue of Integrity.

I recently served as a chaperone for a group of students who attended the Georgia Junior Beta Convention. As a part of the trip, our group stopped for dinner at a Macon restaurant where we were met with some hesitation as two adults and thirty teenagers entered the front door. The staff quickly learned what a special group of young people they were dealing with and repeatedly commented on the outstanding behavior and manners of all the students.

As the last students were paying their bills, I saw Rem-Martin approach the server. He showed her his ticket, told her that she had given him too much change, and handed her a $10 bill. The look on her face spoke volumes—the character traits that are “expected” of our cadets are often the opposite of what is “expected” in the world. She expressed to me that she felt that most adults would not have returned the money, much less most teenagers. The experience reminded me, once again, of the lasting impact that students like Rem-Martin make as they serve as character ambassadors in their lives outside the gates of our campus.

LTC Kim Leben
Curriculum Director