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Character of the Week: Jami King

“I recently enjoyed what I think was my twentieth Veterans Day Parade as a member of the GMC family. This particular parade was unique for several reasons. I have a son who is in the US Naval Reserves while attending Auburn University on a NROTC scholarship. The magnitude of November 11th is much clearer than ever before. It was also unique because of the actions of sixth grade cadet Jami King. I saw in her during the parade moral courage and dedication to duty that I have never before witnessed in one so young. Fifteen or twenty minutes into the parade Cadet King’s platoon sergeant gained my attention and pointed me in her direction. Upon approaching her I could see that she was in some physical distress. In fact, she had been physically sick. I grabbed her elbow and tried to lead her off the field. She refused! Her words to me were, “I don’t want to walk off the field!” I assured her that she could return but that she needed to clean up a little and grab a quick swallow of water. Only when she was reassured of being able to return to the field did she agree to step off. I am proud to know Cadet King and am still amazed at her display of courage and duty.”

Submitted on November 12, 2008 by
LTC K. Scott Seagraves
Grade 7 English