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Character of the Week – Jake Meeks

Character of the Week (HS) – February 21

Jake Meeks – 11th Grade
Nominated by Major Linda Brown

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have witnessed Jake exemplify the characteristics of both a gentleman and an exemplary military cadet. Today, for example, he saw me coming down the stairs and he stood holding the door open until I arrived at the door. This was after he had held the door open for a fellow female cadet he was walking with. This isn’t the first time he has done this for me or other teachers/staff/students. Two weeks ago, as I was approaching Jake and some other cadets near the parade field, I heard Jake say to his classmates, “faculty member coming, don’t forget to salute”, and he was the first to render a very crisp, sharp salute. I have also run into Jake outside of the campus and he is always very respectful, courteous and friendly. These repeated acts demonstrate that he clearly has the values and characteristics that GMC sets forth to instill in their students. Jake sets the example for other young men and cadets to follow.