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Character of the Week (HS) – October 19

Character of the Week (HS) – October 19

Paul Mills – Junior College Athletic Trainer

Nominated by LTC Scott Seagraves

I would like to nominate Paul Mills for the Prep School Character of the Week. Paul is the JUCO athletic trainer and as such is responsible for the well being of GMC college athletes. It is an arduous task with long hours and little glory. However, Paul is always quick to respond to any request from the Prep School for assistance when one of our athletes is injured or has become ill during practice. His response is never half-hearted and it is clear evidence of his love and concern for student athletes regardiless of their age. He often goes the extra mile to ensure that I and other coaches have the information we need to share with parents or our “official” trainers at PARC. Just recently, I suspected that one of our football players had suffered a concussion during practice. Paul spent nearly an hour with him to ensure that he was not concussed. He did this while working with several of his own players and educating me about new technology available to avoid concussions, including new tests that have been developed for early diagnosis. Our athletes are never hesitant about seeing him and that speaks volumes about his demeanor and his character. I know it is unusual to nominate a member of the College faculty for Character of the Week, but in this case it is appropriate as Paul provides an invaluable service for no extra remuneration and no recognition.