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Character of the Week (HS) – February 11

Character of the Week (HS) – February 11

Dillon Watkins – 10th Grade
Nominated by Major Leigh Scott

I would like to nominate Dillon Watkins for Character Student of the Week based on my observation during Major Charlie Harbor’s “elective” band class. Dillon is one of my biology students and is well-liked by all in his class due to his quiet, yet friendly nature. My personal observation of Dillon’s respectfulness of others and his mature level-headedness was only enhanced by part of his character that I wasn’t even aware of that shone through like a beacon of light.

The thrill of watching Dillon shine was apparent when the lesson plans stated that he would be in charge to lead the band group in practice. There really was not anything that I had to do except sit back and enjoy the refreshing sounds of several pieces of music.

The leadership role that Dillon took on that day was apparent along with his innate sense of patience while waiting for everyone to be seated to begin practice. He simply reminded me of a much younger Charlie Harbor snapping his fingers and tapping his foot even before the music began. The “Final Countdown” with Dillon leading the group while playing the trumpet actually gave me goose bumps! A truly remarkable experience to watch a talented young man with leadership skills and the genuine respect that was exhibited between Dillon and those band students.

All students were totally focused on Dillon’s instructions and it was just a real pleasure to watch him command the respect of his peers during the entire performance. I sat there thinking if I had not been in that room, those students still would have been on task for Dillon. After each piece that was played, Dillon offered words of encouragement and then the group would practice the piece again or move on to another piece of music.

This is why I want to nominate Dillon for the “Character Student” of the week due to his leadership skills and the mutual respect that was clearly observant during that time period.