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Character of the Week – Gillian Reid

Character of the Week

Gillian Reid – 11th Grade
Nominated by Major Linda Brown

I would like to nominate Gillian Reid for Character of the Week. Gillian is a student in my Geometry class and I asked her to escort another student who was not feeling well to the nurse today. The student collapsed in the hallway and Gillian sent another student to find help immediately. She stayed with the student until myself and another staff member got out in the hall to help. Gillian remained calm and offered support by getting cold compresses and helping to loosen her clothing. When the nurse arrived and was checking her vitals, Gillian comforted the student and helped to keep her calm. In this emergency situation, Gillian not only acted in a very responsible manner, but also with great sensitivity and understanding. I am very thankful that I had requested such a responsible young lady to escort this student. She truly exemplified all of the traits today that GMC hopes to instill in our cadets.