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Character of the Week – Erin Morrow

Character of the Week

Erin Morrow – 10th Grade
Nominated by Major Leigh Scott

I would like to nominate Erin Morrow for Character Student of the Week for her sense of duty and selflessness. Erin demonstrated several character traits while on the 10th grade Disney Y.E.S. Trip but especially on the long ride home on a bus with trash from snacks and other items that littered the floor of the bus between the seats.

Erin took it upon herself without my knowledge to get a plastic bag and fill it up with trash and did this not once but twice during out trip home. Erin is to be commended for her actions that went above and beyond her sense of duty. I was very proud of her and Col. Grant, as well as Major Amy Lee, took notice of her actions.

Her act of selflessness provided the adult chaperones an easier time of making sure the bus was in proper order before leaving to go home upon our return to GMC. Erin sets a fine example of how we should all pitch in to help when no one is watching.