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Catch the GMC Spirit During Alumni Weekend 2003

(Milledgeville, GA) October 16, 2003 – Georgia Military College alumni and friends will meet October 24th and 25th to “Catch the GMC Spirit” during Alumni Weekend 2003. One of the highlights of the weekend will be the honoring of a select group of individuals with Georgia Military College Alumni Awards. The recipients of these prestigious awards are selected annually from submitted nominations.

The award categories and 2003 recipients are: Dr. Hurley D. Jones, Jr. (Distinguished Alumnus Award), COL (P) Doyle D. Broome, Jr. (Alumni Achievement Award), Mrs. Denise H. Locke (GMC Service Award), Mr. Phillip M. Peevy (Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award), SGM Donald McCarley (Honorary Alumnus Award), and Mr. David M. Grant (Community Service Award). These six extraordinary people, selected from among a record number of nominations for the 2003 awards, are representative of the fine character and countless acts of excellence displayed by the alumni and friends of Georgia Military College. GMC is fortunate to have been a part of the lives of each of these fine people. The contributions of the 2003 Alumni Award recipients have, without a doubt, made the world a better place.

Hurley D. Jones, Jr.
GMC JC 1950
It takes discipline to earn letters in football, baseball, basketball and track. It takes real
dedication for one to earn a total of 14 letters in those sports while still in high school. But
those who knew Hurley D. Jones, Jr. were not the least surprised when he did just that. Nor were they surprised when his discipline, energy, and thirst for knowledge led this dedicated student-athlete from college at Georgia Military College to the University of Georgia from which he graduated in 1954. Or that he would continue on at the Medical College of Georgia and earn a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1958.

Dr. Hurley D. Jones, Jr. did his medical internship at Macon Hospital, his internal medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic, and his cardiology fellowship at the Emory University School of Medicine. Hurley’s enthusiasm for sports and his love for the men and women he came into contact with through his medical practice blended beautifully. Truly, the world is a much better place for his passions.

Due to his efforts, the Coronary Care Unit of the Brunswick Hospital -now part of the Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center – was established. In his 35 years of practice, his contributions to medicine, and to his patients, set a standard for others to follow. His tone, his compassion, his concern, and yes, his discipline, exemplify all the healing that needs be intertwined in the meaning of the title, “Doctor”.

Mary Virginia Youngblood, his high school sweetheart, married Hurley in 1953, and together, they raised four children; Dr. Marsha Jones Certain, Ms. Sherry Jones Barrett, Dr. Elizabeth Jones Sudduth, and Dr. Mitchell Jones. His wife, children, eight grandchildren, and indeed, all of GMC, celebrates the fine talents of Dr. Jones.

For the immense impact he had on the health of the citizens in the Brunswick area, and through his professional affiliations, in Georgia, it is with praise for his extraordinary accomplishments in the practice of medicine that the GMC Alumni Association awards the 2003 Distinguished Alumnus Award to the family of Dr. Hurley D. Jones, Jr.

Doyle D. Broome, Jr.
GMC JC 1975
“Duty, Honor, Country; Character Above All!”, the Regimental Accolade of the Georgia
Military College Corps of Cadets, reverberates throughout the campus at the start of each school day, at formations, and at parades. It remains as integral a part of the education at GMC today as it was in years past, and the intrinsic meaning of the words are embodied in the person of COL (P) Doyle D. Broome, Jr.

Commissioned in 1975 through GMC’s Reserve Officer Training Corps program, the young man from Cedartown, Georgia began his military service to the country as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. In the ensuing 27 years, he has assumed progressively greater responsibilities as his assignments have taken him from GMC, to Korea, to Germany, and to places in between, and he has advanced in rank from Second Lieutenant to being selected this past March for promotion to Brigadier General. His current assignment is as Assistant Division Commander for Support for the 82d Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC; a Division deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

COL (P) Broome holds a Master of Military Arts and Science from the Command and General Staff College and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Troy State. Among many other acknowledgments for his extraordinary capabilities, his military awards include the Legion of Merit (1 OLC), Defense Superior Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (4 OLC), and the Humanitarian Service Medal.

Married for over 25 years, Doyle and wife, Donna, are parents to Trey and his wife, Betsy; son, David; and daughter, Danielle.

His achievements in his chosen career are reflective of his Character and his deep commitment to Duty, Honor, Country. His notable success is a guide and inspiration to those who would follow in his steps, and therefore, with gratitude, the Alumni Association awards the 2003 Alumni Achievement Award to COL (P) Doyle D. Broome, Jr.

Denise H. Locke
If there were a correlation between how helpful one is to the mission and people of Georgia Military College and physical size, our Davenport Field would not be large enough to contain Denise Locke. Both her up-front and her behind-the-scenes contributions would call for a space at least twice that size. But even that amount of space would probably not be adequate, for Denise’s unwavering and conscientious service to the school and to the GMC family has no limit.

Mrs. Locke, as Database Manager in the Alumni & Development Office, makes sure that all funds donated to the school through the GMC Foundation are accounted for and are available to use for the purpose the donor has designated. If that were the sum of her service, it would be commendable, but Denise gives so much more to GMC.

She has, for the past five years, been the driving force behind the annual Alumni Auction. With her great organizational skills and attention to detail, Denise has made each Alumni Auction a success. It has been largely by her sole efforts and dedication that the Alumni Association has been able to contribute to the GMC scholarship funds for children and grandchildren of GMC alumni.

Denise also contributes to GMC through ways, and by means, that are not even noticed by most people. She has the ability to not only see where there is need, but to act on what she sees. If there is someone in the GMC family who is in need of any thing – be it a meal when the campus cafeteria is closed during the summer, help with a medical costs fund-raiser, or simply the providing of an extra pair of hands for any task – Denise faithfully and quietly ensures that the need, any need, is met.

Wife of Stan Locke and mother of Samantha Locke, Denise is a caring, thoughtful person with a heart as big as they come. Her service to GMC is just one indication of that, and it is with much gratitude that the Alumni Association shows its appreciation for her many kindnesses by awarding the 2003 GMC Service Award to Mrs. Denise H. Locke.

Phillip M. Peevy
GMC HS 1994

As a community, we watch our students grapple with complex ideas and problems, and we trust that we are providing them with the information and skills they will need to become productive and contributing members of society. We watch our young men and women grow, and we are gratified when their path allows them to live up to their potential. A stellar example of what we work towards at Georgia Military College is the success of Philip M. Peevy.

Phil was a high school scholar-athlete, lettering in both football and track as a member of the Bulldog teams. After graduation, he enrolled in Georgia College & State University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as a Master of Public Administration. Sharing what he had learned, he was a graduate assistant and instructor at Georgia College & State University from 1999 until 2001. In addition, during his studies at GC&SU, and as a precursor of his public service, he served as Congressional Intern for Congressman Charlie Norwood.

For the past two years, Mr. Peevy has served the citizens of Jasper County as County Administrator. In this capacity, he provides supervision and guidance to seven department managers and ninety county employees, as well as administrative support for five county commissioners. As Chief Administrative Officer for Jasper County, he effectively supports and administers all operational functions of the county, to include management of a multi-million dollar budget.

Ever contributing to society, Phil also serves on the Board of Directors of the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center, is a member of the Economic Development Board, and is an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Monticello. He is an Advisory Member of the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce and is as a volunteer fireman for Jasper County.

In recognition of all that he has accomplished since graduation from our school, and with anticipation of his continued service to the community, it is with admiration that the GMC Alumni Association presents the 2003 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award to Mr. Phillip M. Peevy.

Donald McCarley

There is a phenomenon known as “the ripple effect” in which the actions of one person changes the life of another, who in turn, changes the life of another, and another, and so on. The results along the way are a wonder to behold, and when one considers how it all started, the underlying magnitude of the person who initiated the change is striking. Such are the actions of SGM Donald McCarley (US Army, Retired) who has produced an effect that has, literally, spread around the world.

SGM McCarley joined the Georgia Military College family in 1974, and until 1981, changed lives as the Reserve Officer Training Corp’s Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge. After his retirement from the US Army, he continued to volunteer his time to the school and students for the next five years, at which time he rejoined GMC in the position of Deputy Commandant of Cadets. A further move within the school came in 1993 when he was appointed Deputy Director of Engineering, a position which he held until 1996.

In the 22 years of caring that Sergeant Major gave to GMC, the number of students, faculty, and staff who had their lives made better because of his thoughtful actions, is enormous. And when one thinks of the number of people who, through the ripple effect, have ultimately been the beneficiaries of the actions that SGM McCarley started, the positive result is incalculable. As an unselfish provider of guidance, assistance, professionalism, and leadership, he was a mentor beyond compare to people who have carried his lessons from GMC. He continues to be an inspiration for how seemingly small actions have a profound impact.

SGM and Aida McCarley are the parents of GMC attendees Pricilla McCarley Babb and Donald McCarley, Jr.

With his indelible and far-reaching examples of all of the very best characteristics expected of a Georgia Military College student, we welcome him. With tremendous pride, the Alumni Association presents the 2003 Honorary Alumnus designation to SGM Donald McCarley.

David M. Grant
GMC HS 1972 & JC 1974

The state of Georgia, and indeed, the Nation, has people who are willing to lend their talents to making the place where they live better for everyone. Milledgeville is no exception in this respect, and we are more than fortunate to have a steady and constant contributor who, through a deep and abiding interest in helping others, makes our city and county better by the day.

If it is community, if it is service, and if it is accomplished with the highest degree of commitment and character, you can be assured that David Grant is, in some way, involved. His fine example and sure leadership have contributed immeasurably to numerous local, national, and international civic organizations, and through them, has positively effected countless citizens. Because of David Grant, his vision of what can be accomplished, and his dedication to our community, things that need to be done, are done.

As an extension of his service to the community, he has included his alma mater in his good works, and this extension has greatly helped GMC become what she is today. He is a past-president of the Alumni Board of Directors, served 3 years on the GMC Board of Trustees, and since 1986, has been a member of the GMC Foundation.

David and his wife, Keith Donnelly Grant, have three sons, John Robert, Max (HS 2006) and Will (HS 2008). The Grants reside in Milledgeville where David’s contributions are invaluable.

His sense of community was evident while he was still a student at GMC and was awarded the DAR Citizenship Award in 1972 and again in 1974. Participation in, and starting up of, all manner of groups and programs to benefit the community is a gift that David gives us all.

With many thanks, and in recognition of his many selfless acts of service to Milledgeville and our community, the Alumni Association awards the 2003 Community Service Award to Mr. David M. Grant.