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Billy Whitlock – (CotW) RESILIENCY

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Billy Whitlock for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Resiliency.

“I would like to nominate Billy Whitlock for Character of the Week. He demonstrated amazing resiliency in spite of some challenging obstacles last week. Early in the week he suffered a knee injury at football practice but did not miss a day of school in spite of pain, swelling, and limited mobility. He checked out for doctor’s appointments and medical tests but returned to school to finish out the day. He even accompanied the football team to the out of town game to share the anticipated victory with his teammates. Although his injury initially appeared to be minor, the final diagnosis was multiple fractures which will require a full leg cast. He truly demonstrated strength of character in the face of physical adversity.”

Nominated on October 19, 2009
Sharon McClung RN
GMC Health Services