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Benefit success

Danielle Hawkins
The Union-Recorder

The album that launched Pink Floyd’s career to immeasurable heights, “Dark Side of the Moon,” was performed by a nameless local high school band Friday night to raise money for the Macon Children’s Hospital and a local family with mounting medical costs.

The band played completely through the album, performing every song from “Speak to Me,” to “Eclipse,” and when the crowd roared for an encore, the band gave it to them, performing a song they hadn’t rehearsed, much less planned on playing, “Another Brick in the Wall.”

Members of the band include Cameron Kennedy, guitar and vocals, Rob Ward, drums, Kyle Kitchings, bass guitar, Will Childs, keyboard, synthesizer and vocals, Chris Goggans, guitar and lap steel, Kaila Jaworski, vocals, and Greg The Man, saxophone.

“These are the guys that came to visit me while I was in the Children’s Hospital,” Abbie Wood said. “They’ve been there all the way to show their love and support — I love them all.”

Wood got sick last July with a chronic stomach illness and has been in and out of the Macon Children’s Hospital eight times in the past 10 months.

“Abbie was really excited about all of this because they are trying to get things for a teen room at the hospital,” Wood’s mother, Debbie, said. “They have children’s toys and games, and people that will play board games with the children, but we wanted to get laptops and things the teens could do.”

The Wood family thought the benefit concert would be a good way to help raise the money for the Macon Children’s Hospital, not to mention great entertainment.

“I really wasn’t expecting that much money at all,” Bearden said. “I wasn’t even expecting $1,000. But overall, I think it went pretty well. I enjoyed myself.”

The money raised at the concert will be divided in half — one half will go to the Macon Children’s Hospital and the other half to the Woods for their medical bills.