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Atlanta Metropolitan Region Attitude of Gratitude

Atlanta Metropolitan Region Attitude of Gratitude
Gary & Wanda Kilgore


As students, staff, faculty, and visitors enter the GMC-Fayetteville campus on Veterans Parkway, one of the first things they notice is the immaculate cleanliness of the facility. The consummate professional responsible for this is Mr. Gary Kilgore, known lovingly to all as “Mr. Gary.” 

The GMC-Fayetteville campus contracts custodial services through Dust Bunnies Cleaning Service, where Mr. Gary serves as the Senior Floor Technician.  Selflessly serving since 2017, Mr. Gary has become an integral part of the GMC-Fayetteville family. Often operating in the background without recognition and with a humble, unassuming manner, Mr. Gary’s sustained inspired servant leadership, superior customer service, compassionate spirit, and consummate professionalism make him not only an exemplary team member, but also a beloved friend.

Before joining Dust Bunnies, Mr. Gary was the proud owner of his own maintenance company.  Persevering through and overcoming serious health challenges, he acknowledged he felt his God had other plans for him, which led him to GMC and TEAM Fayetteville.

“GMC-Fayetteville has been an enormous blessing to me,” Gary said. “It has great leadership, fantastic people, and they treat everyone with respect and dignity. I take great pleasure in doing a good job for them.”

Originally from Atlanta, Mr. Gary was born on December 27, 1959 as the youngest of seven children. His mother died when he was only a year old and he and his siblings were raised by his mother’s twin sister. This brought the number of children in the home to 11.  Mr. Gary was raised to respect others, to preserve a strong faith, and to demonstrate a strong sense of duty and respected work ethic; all of which he still maintains today.

Mr. Gary is extremely devoted to his church and his faith. He also enjoys playing tennis and pool with his devoted wife, Wanda, his life partner for over 35 years. Together, Gary and Wanda are blessed with three children and five grandchildren.

Recently, Mr. Gary and Wanda delighted each member of the GMC-Fayetteville staff with gifts of personalized hand-crocheted blankets. Each came in a variety of colors with the expression “Stay Blessed” knitted on them.  For the men serving at the GMC-Fayetteville campus, their blankets had their wives’ names on them.

“We all need to start our day ‘The Gary Way,’” said GMC-Fayetteville Academic Advisor, Brooke Davidson. “He always puts a smile on his face and shares his Grace. I look forward to his smile, laughter, and utmost positivity every day! I value his friendship and appreciate his valued hard work here at GMC.”

Here in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region, and especially at the GMC-Fayetteville campus, we are truly grateful, blessed, and honored to serve with Mr. Gary as a part of our winning team.