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At Georgia Military College, ‘Soldiers for Life’ are changing Soldier’s Lives

At Georgia Military College (GMC) in Milledgeville, Georgia, we know what transitioning Soldiers need, because Soldiers for Life lead at GMC.  These Soldiers for Life have more than 150 years of leadership experience, both inside and outside the military.

The President of GMC is LTG (Ret) William B. Caldwell IV.  After 37 years of distinguished military service, General Caldwell is now leading a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic community of learners, scholars, professionals, and practitioners who are inspiring students every day to improve their lives through education and opportunities.  General Caldwell is a servant leader guiding an institution to new heights. 

GMC’s senior leadership team also includes Brigadier General (Retired) Curt Rauhut, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Colonel (Retired) Jim Watkins, Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Navy Captain (Retired) Dr. Mike Holmes, Chief Academic Officer, as well as, Colonel (Retired) Ralph L. Kauzlarich, Executive Director for the GMC Milledgeville Campus.  They are all servant leaders who are passionately committed to providing opportunities for all those who have served. 

In addition to their success in the military, GMC leadership has also been equally successful serving out of uniform with extensive experiences across a wide-spectrum of opportunities in both government and corporate America.  At GMC, there is a culture of serving others.  This is what they have been doing well for over 136 years.  At GMC, the mission is to produce educated citizens in an environment supporting the development of the intellect and character of its students.  GMC’s motto is “Start Here…..Go Anywhere!”

Georgia Military College, with over 14,000 alumni worldwide, is a nationally recognized leader in providing a character-based higher education.  GMC improves students’ personal well-being and gives students hope for a brighter future.  GMC’s vision is being realized:
• GMC is accessible to any student desiring a character-based college level education
• GMC is the best two-year college in the state of Georgia
• GMC is among the top five junior colleges in the nation
• GMC is nationally recognized as a “best value” college
• GMC is a military friendly school
• GMC is nationally recognized as one of the top ten fastest growing community colleges
• GMC is nationally recognized as a leader in the innovation and delivery of individual learning support services
• GMC is nationally recognized as a leader in the innovation of programs
• GMC is also increasing scholarship endowments to make education most affordable

GMC understands transitioning Soldiers may not know what they want to do following the military.  Even if they do, most do not know where to look for opportunities or how to get there.  GMC knows where to start, and they know how to get there….and they have been doing this very well for a long time now.

The mission of our Soldier for Life program is to connect Army, governmental, and community efforts to build relationships facilitating successful reintegration of our Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families, keep them Army Strong and instill their values, ethos, and leadership within communities.  At the Georgia Military College, they embrace this mission in all they do.

Cadet Daniel Trust, one of the leaders of the GMC Corps of Cadets, followed his brother Logan to GMC.  Logan is now doing well as a third-year Cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Daniel came to GMC following his return from a combat deployment to Afghanistan with his Georgia National Guard unit.  Daniel told us…“I came to GMC because it is a values-based organization, like the Army, where I can learn the life skills I did not learn in high school in a small school environment where instructors know your name and want you to succeed.”

GMC student Stephen Ramey, a 29 year-old Wrightsville Georgia native, also shared with us why he too came to the Georgia Military College…“I tried to do other things after the military, but they just didn’t work for me.  I chose to come to the Georgia Military College because I grew to realize that while I had many skills, I did not have an education.  Education is the way to move forward in life and GMC is providing me the foundation I need to move forward.”

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Todd Miller is one of the most recent additions to the GMC leadership team.  Todd has not only led the entrepreneurial arm of one of our nation’s most successful international companies supporting the uniformed services around the world, but also founded and led one of our nation’s fastest growing small companies successfully providing transitioning and placement services into both the government and commercial sectors. 

Todd recently told the Soldiers for Life team why he came to GMC…“GMC’s senior leadership team embodies life-long service, and I wanted to work for them and be a part of their team.  They have created a movement in providing much needed and very niche educational and career exploration services for our transitioning Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines.  I worked very closely with hundreds of academic institutions over the years, and GMC is the only one I’ve found that provides all the services our transitioning Soldiers need that will change their lives – mentoring, coaching, teaching, guiding, and inspiring students every day.  That’s what GMC is all about, and I couldn’t be more proud to be serving here.”  

Georgia Military College is one of the most practical and affordable bridges between the service and opportunities.  GMC provides educational resources and information and empowers its students to maintain a lifelong love of learning and to make informed decisions in pursuit of individual goals.  At GMC, 8 out of every 10 graduating students go on to other universities or join the workforce.

Please contact Mrs. Nannette Simmons, Senior Admissions Counselor, GMC Milledgeville campus, at or 478-387-4952 and visit GMC’s website for more information regarding opportunities at the Georgia Military College.