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Alumni Weekend 2004 “A Salute to GMC” Celebrating 125 Years

(Milledgeville, GA) October 17, 2004 – Georgia Military College alumni and friends will meet October 22 and 23 to celebrate 125 years with “A Salute to GMC” during Alumni Weekend 2004. One of the highlights of the weekend will be the honoring of a select group of individuals with Georgia Military College Alumni Awards. The recipients of these prestigious awards are selected annually from submitted nominations.

The award categories and 2004 recipients are: Mr. Lonnie E. Martin (Distinguished Alumnus Award), Mr. Richard T. Elmore, Jr., Ph.D. (Alumni Achievement Award), Colonel Charles W. Ennis (Alumni Achievement Award), Ms. Desiree Michelle Dugger (Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award), John W. Grant, III (Honorary Alumnus Award), Ms. Harriet Joan Goldstein Greenhut (Community Service Award), and Dr. Maidana Nunn (GMC Service Award). These seven extraordinary people, selected from among a record number of nominations for the 2004 awards, are representative of the fine character and countless acts of excellence displayed by the alumni and friends of Georgia Military College. GMC is fortunate to have been a part of the lives of each of these fine people. The contributions of the 2004 Alumni Award recipients have, without a doubt, made the world a better place.

Alumni Achievement Award
Richard T. Elmore, Jr., Ph.D.
Melbourne, Florida
JC 1964

This award is presented to alumni who have attained notable success in their fields or professions and serve to inspire others to achieve excellence.

Elmore is Associate Director of Clinical Training in the School of Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology, a position he has held since 1988. He established the Center for Traumatology Studies within the School of Psychology in 1991 to provide clinical services, education, research and consultation on combat veterans’ issues.
Elmore was recently presented with the “Outstanding Psychologist of the Year” award by the Brevard/Indian River Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association and was cited for his many years of community service offering combat readjustment counseling to veterans and their families.
Elmore holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Education degree in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Georgia as well as a Ph.D. from Georgia State University.

Alumni Achievement Award
Colonel Charles W. Ennis
Milledgeville, Georgia
HS 1933, JC 1940

This award is presented to alumni who have attained notable success in their fields or professions and serve to inspire others to achieve excellence.
During a distinguished thirty-year career in the United States Army, Ennis and his family called many places home, including San Francisco and Seattle, as well as the state of Alaska. In 1970, they returned to the Milledgeville area where he began a second career at Exchange Bank, serving as Public Relations and Marketing Director until 1983.

Always someone who has gotten involved in worthwhile community projects, Ennis has served for many years as a member of the GMC Foundation. He acknowledges that he often acts because of what he perceives as a need in the community. He is a man of vision who knows how to turn his visions into realities. As a result of his efforts to make a difference, he has been named “Citizen of the Year” as well as “Conservationist of the Year.”

Distinguished Alumnus Award
Lonnie E. Martin
Montgomery, Alabama
HS 1934

This award recognizes alumni whose lives have embodied the ideals of Georgia Military College and whose lives are examples of extraordinary accomplishment.

After graduating from Georgia Military College and receiving a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, Martin began active duty in the United States Army. He was offered a regular commission in the Air Corps, after which an assignment led him to the Pentagon. In 1953, he became the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel for the 3rd Air Force.
Martin was employed for ten and a half years at the Pentagon and then for over seven years at Maxwell as Deputy Chief for Personnel. He earned a commercial license in addition to his pilot’s license and started the Aero Club at Maxwell where he was the Chief Pilot for several years and was instrumental in procuring some of the aircraft for the club. After his military retirement, Martin directed a statewide real estate organization for fourteen years.

Community Service Award
Harriet Joan Goldstein Greenhut
Awarded Posthumously
HS 1972

This award is given to alumni who have taken the lessons of GMC’s Character Education beyond the classroom and whose actions are characterized by a history of exemplary service resulting in unquestionable improvement within their community.

According to her children, Harriet Goldstein Greenhut’s years at Georgia Military College “played an important part in making her the outstanding woman she came to be.” In addition to being a devoted wife, mother, and daughter, she volunteered extensively for charities, for her synagogue, and for her children’s schools.

Greenhut served on numerous committees at her synagogue and on the local school board. She held leadership roles in Kiwanis Club, and a number of other community organizations. Posthumously, she was a 1998 recipient of the Atlanta Jewish Federation “Woman of Achievement Award.”

Though her life was shortened by a serious illness, Greenhut impacted her family and her community in memorable and lasting ways.

Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award
Desiree Michelle Dugger
Milledgeville, Georgia
JC 2001

This award recognizes recent alumni who have demonstrated excellence in academics or in their chosen professions and who show promise of continuing excellence.

The fourth member of her family to be a part of the Cadet Corps at GMC, Dugger attained Cadet Major and was a member of the Regimental Staff. While at GMC, she was involved in many community service projects, formed a leadership program for female cadets, and assisted in fundraising for charities such as the American Cancer Society.

In the spring of 2005, Dugger will receive her double Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Rhetoric. She plans to attend George Washington University to pursue her master’s degree.

Dugger has won numerous titles in various pageants and is currently the reigning 2004-2005 Miss Black Georgia.

Honorary Alumnus Award
John W. Grant, III
Milledgeville, Georgia

This honor is bestowed upon individuals who are not alumni of GMC, but who have rendered special or exceptional service to the school or to its Alumni Association.

John W. Grant, III, although not an alumnus, fully deserves the title as a result of his tireless service to Georgia Military College. A member of the GMC Foundation Board, he chairs the Governmental Affairs Committee, a group which under his exceptional leadership has generated substantial political support for the school. The most visible effort of the committee has been planning and coordinating a trip to Georgia Day at the Capitol for alumni and friends.

Grant recently has served as vice president of the J.C. Grant Company. In addition, his political experience is quite extensive, and he presently is seeking a post in the Georgia State Senate.

Grant’s community involvement includes United Way, Boy Scouts of America, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and service in numerous other capacities.

GMC Service Award
Dr. Maidana Nunn
Milledgeville, Georgia

The GMC Service Award is designated for an alumnus or friend of Georgia Military College who has rendered special service to the school or to any of its ancillary organizations including, but not limited to, the GMC Alumni Association, the Bulldog Club, the Booster Club or the GMC Foundation, Inc.

The GMC Service Award is presented to Dr. Maidana Nunn in recognition of her dedicated military service and in appreciation for her continuing loyalty and to both the military and to Georgia Military College.

After marrying her husband Pierce, to whom she has been married for over fifty years, Nunn attended Georgia State College for Women, now Georgia College & State University. When later she attended school in Boston, during a school break she fulfilled her longtime wish to be a nurse in the military by joining the Air Force Reserves. She began active duty at Warner Robins Air Force Base in 1971 and served twenty-one years, traveling extensively and spending most of that time as a flight nurse. Nunn retired as a colonel in 1992.

As a way of honoring those who have served in the United States military, Nunn makes a gift to the Georgia Military College Foundation in memory of each departed soldier of whom she is aware. Her unselfish love, expressed through her generous gifts, is leaving a legacy that reflects the core values of Georgia Military College – duty, honor, country.