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Alix Anderson Named Artist in Residence

MG Peter J. Boylan, President of Georgia Military College, has appointed Alix Anderson as Artist in Residence for the summer term. Mr. Anderson will be teaching graphite drawing and acrylic painting at Georgia Military College.

Mr. Alix Anderson is a professional commercial artist with twenty-nine years of experience as an art director for CBS Television and for Florida Public Television. During the time between completing Vespar George School of Art in 1937 and retirement from Florida Public Television in 1982, Mr. Anderson has exhibited his art in a wide range of juried and non-juried art exhibits. He has also taught art in a variety of settings to include, private lessons, private and public schools, and at Florida State University where he taught animation and television art to students from the Department of Art.

Two of Mr. Anderson’s drawings, one of Red Skelton and another of Alfred Hitchcock, have been the cover art for the national publication, TV Guide. He has received six national awards in design and television graphics from the National Association of Educational Broadcasters for excellence in television graphic design and animation.

Mr. Alix Anderson has also served as the forensic artist for the Tallahassee Police Department where he developed sketches based on witness descriptions following crimes. It was Mr. Anderson who worked with witnesses to develop the composite of Ted Bundy, which was used by the FBI and lead to Bundy’s arrest for the assaults and murders at Florida State University, in the 1970’s.

In 1984, Mr. Anderson retired to South Florida where he frequently exhibits his art in galleries and art shows and teaches painting in local continuing education classes.

Mr. Anderson, who turned his favorite hobby into a life-long profession, believes anyone can paint, “Once you learn the primary colors and how to mix them, all you have to do it put your mind to it.” Mr. Anderson said all he will ask of his students is an hour of drawing or painting a day, and he firmly believes they will enjoy it so much that they will easily spend two to three hours a day in the activity.” His classes at GMC will begin on Monday, June 6. Some his artwork is featured locally, at The Red Door on Wayne Street.