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Georgia Military College Partners with Hire Heroes USA through Partners Network

Georgia Military College Partners with Hire Heroes USA through Partners Network

Georgia Military College (GMC) is proud to announce a significant collaboration with Hire Heroes USA, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering U.S. military members, veterans, and military spouses, to succeed in the civilian workforce. This partnership strengthens GMC’s commitment to supporting veterans and fostering a seamless transition from military service to successful civilian employment.

As part of this collaboration, GMC has joined as a training partner for service-members, veterans, and their spouses nationwide. Hire Heroes USA specializes in connecting the military community with meaningful employment and training opportunities by offering various services, including resume building, career counseling, and job placement assistance.

GMC recognizes the unique skills, discipline, and leadership that the military community brings to the workforce. By joining forces with Hire Heroes USA, GMC aims to strengthen its support system for military-affiliated students further, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in their chosen civilian careers and to provide career support to our military populations at GMC through the services of our external partners such as Hire Heroes USA.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Hire Heroes USA, as it aligns with our mission to empower and support our military-affiliated students in their transition to civilian life,” said President of Georgia Military College, Lt. Gen William B. Caldwell, IV, USA (Ret). We are so thankful for our partnership with the Warrior Alliance that connected us to Hire Heroes USA. Together, we will create pathways for success and ensure that our veterans continue to make significant contributions to our communities.”

To learn more about Hire Heroes USA and the valuable resources they provide, visit For additional information about Georgia Military College and its commitment to supporting military-affiliated students, please visit