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19-year-old GMC Sandersville student owns dance studio

At the age of 19, Kira Mantey has fulfilled her dreams of becoming a business owner. She now owns “In Step Studios” in Sandersville where she will provide dance lessons for dancers ages 3 to 14-years-old. Along with being a business woman, she’s also continuing to take classes at GMC’s Sandersville campus. In order to run her own business, Mantey decided it would be easier to take her General Studies courses at GMC online.

“I bought the business in May, so I just figured that taking my classes online would make it much easier for me to still do my school work at the studio,” said Kira Mantey, Owner of “In Step Studios.”

“In Step Studios” will offer ballet, tap, and jazz classes. The classes will be separated by age with creative names such as “tiny toes,” “little steps,” “fancy feet,” and “steppers.” Contemporary dance lessons will also be offered as private lessons for all ages. Mantey says she invested a lot of time into getting her business off of the ground.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own studio because I’ve been dancing for 15 years,” said Mantey. “I was looking at buildings and things weren’t coming through, and then finally I just happened to find this building and it had everything I needed. I’ve changed clientele, ownership, and the look of the building.”

Mantey says she’s ready to take on the challenge of juggling her business and being a student.

“I’ve always been a multitasker so I can do a lot of things at the same time,” said Mantey. “I was homeschooled for most of my life, so I’m used to doing everything online. It’s just a continuation of what I’m already use to.”

Classes at “In Step Studios” will begin on August 21st.