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16 GMC Prep School seniors awarded scholarships

Congressman Hice with the 16 GMC Prep school seniors who have been awarded scholarships.

GMC’s Prep School is proud to announce that to date, 16 students in its senior class have been awarded military appointments, academic, athletic, or Fine Arts scholarships to continue their education at a secondary institution. On April 19, the scholarship recipients met with Congressman Jody Hice who also participated in Will Caldwell’s signing ceremony to the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York. Cadet Caldwell received his nomination from Congressman Hice.

(Will Caldwell signing his acceptance to the United States Military Academy.) 

Congressman Hice expressed how proud he is of all of the scholarship recipients.

“I think one of the most well kept secrets in Georgia, academically, is GMC,” said Congressman Hice. “GMC has some of the best students in the state and in the country. I could not be more proud of GMC and the scholarships that these students are receiving, they are well deserved and will be well spent.”

“The Class of 2017 is an extremely special, outstanding class,” said Colonel Pam Grant, GMC’s Prep School Principal. “I do not believe that we have ever had so many students achieve such high academic levels. It is a special class and we are so proud.”

The scholarship recipients from GMC Prep School’s 2017 class are:

  • Will Caldwell: Appointment to the United States Military Academy
  • Tray Daniels: 3-year- ROTC Scholarship to Georgia Southern
  • Alyssa Easley: Appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy
  •  Alexander Hanberry: Adeal Sherwood Scholarship to Mercer University
  • Hunter Kimball: 4-year-ROTC Scholarship and Track scholarship to Augusta College
  • Abigail Kirkland: North Georgia Masonic Scholarship, Pastoral Scholarship, and Track Scholarship to the University of North Georgia
  • Megan Leben: Georgia Association of Secondary School Principal’s/ Lifetouch Scholarship, Foundation Scholars Award, and On-Campus Housing Award to Georgia Southern University
  • Chase Rauhut: 4-year-Army ROTC Scholarship and Crimson Achievement Award Recipient to the University of Alabama
  • Chase Sheffield: 4-year-Army ROTC Scholarship and Volunteer Scholarship to the University of Tennessee
  • David Sheppard: ROTC Early Commissioning Program Scholarship to Georgia Military College
  •  Michael Skinner: Football Scholarship to LaGrange College
  •  Zach Spiler: 4-year-Army ROTC Scholarship
  • Nick Trussell: 4-year-Army ROTC Scholarship
  • Niko Urias: Appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Andy Watkins: Baldwin County Star Student Scholarship and Notre Dame Scholarship to the University of Notre Dame
  • Jack Watkins: 4-year- Army ROTC Scholarship, National Buckeye Scholarship, and Provost Scholarship to Ohio State University