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WR Expanding for Enrollment Growth

GMC Warner Robins Expanding for Enrollment Growth

The American Association of Community Colleges reported enrollment at their campuses increased at least 10-percent at most schools this fall.

Warner Robins’ Georgia Military College location is no exception. Now, they’re making plans to accommodate the growth.

Jan Michael enrolled at Warner Robins’ GMC campus for the nursing program two years ago. He said, “When I started here, it was really small in the class.”

Six or seven people, he said, but now he’s surrounded by at least 20 other students in every class. Michael said, “It just keeps growing and growing.”

Campus director Ted Ramsdell say its outgrown their one building, 15 classroom space. Ramsdell said, “Weve experienced phenomenal growth in the last couple of years.”

Ramsdell says in 2004 about 700 students enrolled. This fall, more than 1,000 chose GMC Warner Robins. He said they’ve seen about a 20-percent increase each quarter.

Ramsdell says the growth cramped classrooms and forced them to schedule classes starting at 8 a.m. The last one ends at 11 p.m. He said, “We even have to do weekend seminars to utilize as much classroom space as we can.”

But by spring 2010, Ramsdell says that won’t be a concern. They broke ground on a new 12,000 square foot building. It’s a space big enough for a new admissions office, book store, five classrooms and a computer lab.

Second year student Kaitlin Chasteen says its an important addition. She said, “I think the students will like it, help our enrollment hugely, so were not having to pack like sardines in one classroom.”

The new building is scheduled to open next march just in time for the 2010 spring quarter. The space will also add 80 parking spaces and new business offices.