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Valdosta Softball

Submitted by:
Leslie Hafer
GMC-Valdosta Director

This fall GMC-Valdosta fielded three teams in the adult softball league with the Parks and Recreations Department. The GMC Men\’s Team A placed third in the regular season. Their tournament play was less than desirable due to an excessive number of \”out of the park\” home runs. League C rules only allow for one \”over the fence\” home run per game. Almost every player on GMC Team A had a home run during the tournament games, which resulted in automatic outs. It\’s hard to remember that in this league, an out of park home run is not a good thing.

The GMC Men\’s Team B did not have a winning season this year but they certainly had winning attitudes at every game. Each member of the team demonstrated good sportsmanship. The two GMC men\’s teams played each other during the season and it was a close game filled with many highlights and a Win/Win situation for GMC.

The GMC Women\’s Team had their best season yet. The women earned a second place ranking in the regular season. The GMC Women\’s Team also placed second in the end of season tournament. The final championship game was definitely a highlight for everyone. The temperature was near 40 degrees and the GMC women had only 9 players instead of the usual 10. They still managed to score 19 runs, the most scored against their opponent during any game of the season. The final score of the game was 19 to 26. The final score will be recorded as a loss for GMC in the record book but it was truly a win for the GMC women who have never made it to the final series in any season.

We anxiously await the spring season and another chance to show our colors and school spirit.