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U.S. Army Secretary visits Milledgeville

U.S. Army Secretary visits Milledgeville
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Future leaders of the United States Military got some expert advice today. U.S. Army Secretary Pete Geren spoked to students at Georgia Military College this morning.

The Secretary touched on the subject of courage, and encouraged the students of GMC to be the transformers of the Army. Secretary Geren told the students that in order to be an honorable soldier, you have to first be an honorable citizen.

“We need flexible, adaptable leaders. It’s not enough to just learn a skill; you’ve got to have the skill to think. You’ve got to have the moral principles that guide you. So a soldier can be dropped anywhere in the world and we can count on him or her to behave as a moral leader, as well as an army leader,” remarked Secretary Geren.

GMC students were able to ask questions directly to the Secretary, and recieved answers to help pave their future.

“I feel like I’m more prepared in my endeavors in Army Guard to fulfill my mission as a soldier,” commented GMC Freshman Corey Cook. GMC Sophomore Kenneth Scott, Jr. added, “I’m learning a lot more about what they’re going through in Iraq; what the issues and problems they’re working on finding are.”

With a historic election behind us, Secretary Geren says the Army is ready for the Presidential transition.

“This is the first transition in the middle of a war for our Country since 1968; the middle of the Vietnam War. Dr. Gates had put much of his personal time, as well as charged all the leaders in the department to focus on that transition.”

As a thank you for his visit and inspiration, GMC President Major General Peter Boylan presented Secretary Geren with a coin bearing the GMC mantra: Duty, Honor, Country.