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UC Visits Savannah

Submitted by: Naddia Ahmed, GMC Union City

On November 11, 2005, students of Georgia Military College ventured to Savannah, Georgia for an educational fieldtrip. Professor M. Davis of the Georgia History class wanted students to see education firsthand. After six years of teaching at GMC, Professor Davis decided to give students the opportunity of their quarter. She informed me that, “Rather than something [the students] could read and forget, [they] could gain more personal interest.”

Professor Davis saw a chance for students to experience history in one of Georgia’s earliest settlements. In 1741, the Trustees of England decided to form two colonies, and Savannah was born. It has remained one of the most well preserved towns in all of Georgia. Professor Davis aimed to visit multiple historical and architectural attractions as an endeavor to broaden the students’ interests. She found it to be a “really great” way to get a feel of history “as a whole.” Students were given the option to return to their preferred attraction alongside scheduled sites. The students’ rendezvous trip was accompanied by a three hour trolley tour that incorporated the following: River Street, Walking Tour, City Market, Oldest African American Church, and a Ghost Tour (optional).

Inspiration was the essence of the trip. During her college years, Professor Davis was given similar opportunities to visit North Georgia, Savannah, and many other places rich in history and art. She found it to be a true enjoyment and was inspired to give her students a unique memory, transcending through the first trip to the next. “I suggest going if you’ve never been, and go again even if you have. There’s so much history to learn,” commented former history student Travis Self.

Consisting of history, art, and entertainment, GMC’s first visit to Savannah was considered a true success. The trip allowed students to achieve a more personal understanding of our state’s history. Professor Davis intends to make the visit an annual affair. From her own inspiration to broadening the scope of her students, Professor Davis has created a fun and profitable learning experience. Travis Self recalled the trip was, “Fun, very educational…The only bad thing was that we weren’t able to stay longer.”