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Tyrone Kelsey says Georgia Sherffs’ Youth Homes gave him a second chance at life

(GMC Football Player, Tyrone Kelsey, says the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes helped him to turn his life around.)

19-year-old Tyrone Kelsey is excited to start his educational and athletic career at Georgia Military College after turning his life around with the help of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. Kelsey is a native of Sandersville, Georgia. At 14-years-old, Kelsey was sent to the Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC) for stealing food from a family. It was a misguided path that Kelsey vowed he would never go down again.

“I was in the RYDC for 30 days and I got out two days early,” said Tyrone Kelsey. “When I got out I didn’t know where I was going, so I just popped up at the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes.”

Kelsey’s four siblings convinced him to stay at the Herrington Homestead campus in Nunez, Georgia. The Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, sponsored by the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association, was established to give at-risk children in the state of Georgia love, safety, and stability to become mature, successful adults. Children who stay in the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes learn strong moral values, spiritual awareness, how to participate positively in a community, and how to trust themselves and one another. The Herrington Homestead campus is a farming community that instills the value of a strong work ethic and to appreciate the outdoors. Kelsey says it took him some time to adjust to his new environment.

“It was hard at first to get use to the rules, but then I got a second chance to do right so I just took advantage of it,” said Kelsey.

Kelsey lived at the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes for four years and wanted to take advantage of the college tuition assistance that the organization provides. Earlier this year, Kelsey was introduced to Georgia Military College through a football coach at the Border Bowl which features the best high school senior football players from Georgia and South Carolina.

“My coach said there’s a school that wants to talk to you, so I said the first school that offers me a scholarship I’m going to take it and go there,” said Kelsey. “Georgia Military College offered me a scholarship so I took it.”

Kelsey plays Right Guard/Right Tackle on the offensive line for GMC’s Football Team. He’s majoring in Psychology and hopes to play football at a Division I school after graduating. Kelsey says he is grateful that the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes gave him a second chance at life.

“No matter how bad you grew up, or what’s your struggle, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes is there to give you a second chance and to get you back on track so you can be a better person,” said Kelsey.