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Tobacco Free GMC to Begin August 1

(Milledgeville, GA) June 29, 2004 – Effective August 1, 2004, smoking and other use of tobacco products will be prohibited at all times on the Milledgeville Campus Old Capitol Square, in GMC vehicles and in all GMC buildings and facilities. This prohibition applies to all students, staff, faculty and visitors of the Milledgeville Campus.

In addition to the Old Capitol Square, the tobacco-free zone includes the immediate vicinity of the Cordell Events Center and the immediate vicinity of the primary entrances to all buildings and facilities.

At parades and sporting events, the narrator will remind the audience that the event is tobacco-free and request that people abstain from tobacco use until after they leave the Old Capitol Square. This prohibition is limited to property owned or controlled by Georgia Military College and does not include the churches on the Old Capital Square.

MG Peter J. Boylan, President of Georgia Military College, announced his intention to make GMC a tobacco-free campus earlier this year, stating, “ Georgia Military College has a mission to provide examples of character, and we are recognized nationally for our character development program. In light of medical evidence detailing the effects of primary and secondary inhalation of tobacco smoke, we must educate our students and employees to the risks of smoking and as an institution must state our opposition to such activity. Georgia Military College has a duty to protect our young people from the effects of smoking and to provide them with a positive example. Furthermore, GMC has the responsibility to provide the best and safest environment conducive to learning.”

For your information, a link to the new Tobacco Free Campus Policy is attached.

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