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Sixth Graders Complete GMC 101 Course

November 10, 2004 – Georgia Military College held an assembly for the middle school on Wednesday November 3rd to recognize a group of sixth grade cadets who recently completed an exploratory course entitled, GMC 101.

MAJ Ronald L. Hammock, Sr., GMC Senior Middle School Military Instructor, developed the GMC 101 course of instruction to introduce the young cadets to the following information: organization of the GMC Cadet Regiment, rank and rank structure as it applies to the positions in the GMC Cadet Regiment, various general knowledge topics, the chain of command from the President of the United States to the President of Georgia Military College on down to GMC Cadet Chain of Command, basic techniques of Drill and Ceremony, and various topics regarding day to day activities within the GMC Cadet Corps.

MAJ Hammock said, “Though the sixth graders are the youngest group of cadets forming a battalion in the GMC Regiment, they are also the largest battalion in the cadet corps. Additionally their participation in the Cadet Regiment is expected to reflect the exact standards as those expected of the cadets in both the junior college and high school.”

Pictured are the graduates of the GMC 101 course: Ashley Avant, Lily Beriault, Jordi Bohannon, Seth Brown, Shelby Butler, Krystal Chigubu, Christin Cox, Skylar Donovan, Karmyn Fuller, Julianna Grant, Josh Harrison, Shelly Hastings, Tiffany Johnson, Jamie Johnston, Alicia King, Amanda Lundy, Rachel Powell, Kelly Riner, Kelly Smith, Ellie Thompson, Skylar Walker, Courtney Youmans, and Kristen Zweizig,