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Sinclair Harding – (CotW) Honesty and Responsibility

Georgia Military College Prep School Recognizes Sinclair Harding for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Honesty and Responsibility. I would like to nominate Sinclair Harding for Character of the Week. Sinclair went through the cafeteria line to pay for her lunch last week. After sitting down, she glanced at her receipt and discovered that the lunchroom staff had not charged her for the pizza on her tray. She immediately came to the 6th grade teachers to tell us what happened. She was determined to pay for the item that had been omitted. Not only did she show honesty in reporting this, but she also showed responsibility. Many students do not take the initiative to note how much money they spend at lunch, and many would not have caught the mistake. Sinclair clearly represents the virtues of Honesty and Responsibility. Her insistence on doing the right thing and on being conscientious about her spending make her deserving of this nomination. Nominated on January 14, 2010 By MAJ Jennifer Duckworth Sixth grade science