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Senior Girls’ Soccer Team – DETERMINATION

Georgia Military College Prep School
recognizes the Seniors of the Girls Soccer Team
Character of the Week Award for demonstrating the virtue of DETERMINATION.

“I would like to nominate the following student athletes from the girls’ high school soccer team for character of the week for the virtue of determination. The girls are seniors LoriBeth Berry, Cassy Clayton, Haylee DeLoach, Dawn Hayward, Krista Paschal, Paris Pennington, Gillian Reid, and Haley Smith. All of these girls helped me start the high school soccer team last year and several of them had never played the game. They just decided that it sounded like fun and would give it a try. These girls came to practice every day of the first season and never missed a game. They always gave 100 percent on the field and showed tremendous sportsmanship even though they never won a game. This year, however, their hard work is paying off. Their skills have improved tremendously and they have helped the team secure a spot in the first round of the state playoffs. They are leaders on and off the field and are role models for the younger players on the team. They truly show all GMC cadets what is possible with the right attitude, hard work, and dedication. Congratulations girls!”

Submitted on April 21, 2009 by
MAJ Linda Brown
HS Mathematics Dept
Head Soccer Coach