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GMC-Valdosta Student Awarded Coca-Cola Scholarship

Debra Smith, a student at Georgia Military College’s Valdosta Campus, has been awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship from the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. Through the Coca-Cola Two-Year Scholarships Program, the Foundation awards a total of 400 scholarships annually to students attending higher-education institutions granting two-year degrees.

Upon learning of the award, Smith stated, “I thought it was such a huge complement just to be nominated. This is just a great vote of confidence.” Debra Smith is the third student from the Valdosta Campus to be awarded the scholarship. Leslie Hafer, Director of the Valdosta Campus said she was very pleased about the announcement and stated, “Our students are a constant source of pride for our college, our campus and our city.”

The Coca-Cola Two-Year Colleges Scholarship Program is made possible with funding from the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation. The Whitehead Foundation provides grants in support of human services initiatives. The late Joseph B. Whitehead was one of the original bottlers of Coca-Cola. Now in its 7th year of funding, the Coca-Cola Two-Year Colleges Scholarship Program, the Foundation has provided $2.8 million in scholarship awards to students attending two-year degree granting institutions.

Pictured: Leslie Hafer, Debra Smith, and Billie Washburn.