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Submitted by: Laura Lee, GMC Warner Robins

GMC Robins Partners with Police and Fire Departments

In April, GMC Robins Humanities Coordinator, Dianne Wilcox, assisted Warner Robins Police Department Training Officer, Ken Fennell, in team teaching a three-day writing seminar for police officers. The purpose of the class was to assist police officers in producing clear, well-organized, coherent, and unified narratives for their incident reports. After two days of classroom instruction at the Warner Robins Police Training Center, eleven officers came to GMC’s Elliott Hall for workshops on computers. One officer, on his class evaluation said, “All employees should be required to take this course if they handle paperwork for any unit of the police department.” Another called the seminar, “a wonderful, in-depth refresher class.”

Earlier this year GMC sent English tutor, John Schmick, to assist Warner Robins Fire Department Training Officer, Randy Windham, in a seminar on “Effective Report Writing Skills.” It was designed to enhance the report-writing skills of company officers. “There is a very real possibility that the reports these officers write may become part of a civil or criminal court case,” said Windham, “so it is imperative that the reports are written accurately, correctly and in terms understood by people who are not fire department personnel.” The same is true for police reports.

Of the seminars, Assistant Academic Dean Ted Ramsdell said, “This is just another example where GMC and the community can partner together and profit.” Director, Mrs. Susan Taggart said, “This is one of those ‘win-win’ activities that seems to always pay dividends in the long run.”