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Prep Students Display Artwork in Usery Hall

GMC prep alumna Nancy Duke Mitchell has returned to her alma mater this year to teach Art Enrichment classes. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in painting, she says art has always had a place in her life and she is grateful for the chance to share her knowledge and love of art with the GMC students. In her first year instructing art at GMC, she teaches an Art Enrichment class for high school students on Tuesdays and Thursdays and offers an after school art class for high school students on Wednesdays and middle school students on Fridays. She says, “In the Art Enrichment classes we have focused on drawing in pencil, charcoal and pastels since our class time is limited to forty minutes. The students have worked from objects that we set up in class and also from photographs. They are encouraged to keep a sketchbook and have assignments to help them improve artistically. The classes offered after school allow the students a little more time to work.” The students’ achievements were recently celebrated with an artwork display in Usery Hall. Ms. Mitchell says the students will display their artwork in a similar manner at the end of each nine weeks. “I hope to encourage these young artists to do their best and to continue to evolve artistically. Having their work exhibited at the school gives them a sense of pride and recognition. It is exciting for me to help them learn to look at things through an artist’s eyes and to have an outlet for their creativity.” As a graduate of GMC, and mother of current GMC students, Lila and Clay, she says she has a tremendous amount of pride in the school and how it has evolved over the years. “I feel the study of art makes a positive contribution to a student’s education. I’m thankful GMC agrees and has given me this opportunity to encourage and nurture budding artists.” Ms. Nancy Mitchell is pictured with her students during their first artwork display in Usery Hall.