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Parker and Griffin Recognized by Greer Foundation

Cadet First Lieutenant Will Parker and Cadet Captain Rick Griffin were recognized by guest speaker Dr. Steve Greer, (Command Sergeant Major, USA Ret.), founder of the Greer Foundation, during GMC’s Military Honors Parade on March 13.

Dr. Greer took notice of these cadets’ precision, discipline and sharpness as they earned second place in Dual Exhibition during the Georgia State Drill Meet. After reviewing all of the competing schools’ teams, Dr. Greer selected Parker and Griffin for the “Master Sergeant William “Chief” Carlson Tomahawk Medal.”

The Greer Foundation presents this special award to individuals who exemplify the characteristics of “Chief” Carlson – fearlessness, mental and physical toughness, and dedication to his mates.

Chief was killed in action while hunting terrorists in Khan Pass inside the rugged mountains of Afghanistan on October 25, 2003 while serving as a member of a joint Central Intelligence Agency/Special Operations clandestine operations team.

In 2005, Command Sergeant Major Steve Greer established this award to honor Chief’s sacrifice and lifelong service. He had the distinct honor of serving with Chief in peace and war. This award is presented year round. For additional information about the Greer Foundation or this award, please visit,