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Mr. Rob Sherwood, 2008-2009 Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award

Mr. Rob Sherwood, 2008-2009 Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award

Mr. Rob Sherwood, Assistant Professor of History at GMC-Milledgeville, was awarded the “Excellence in Teaching Award” made possible by the Vulcan Materials Company during the 2009 Grand Tattoo and Command Retreat. This award is presented annually to a junior college faculty member who demonstrates innovative and inspirational leadership in the classroom. His nomination by Col. Edward Shelor, GMC Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences, follows.

Rob Sherwood’s performance is superior in all aspects and exemplifies the notable qualities of intellect and character that are the hallmarks Georgia Military College. Rob always endeavors and succeeds at promoting the two prongs of GMC’s mission of improving the intellect and character of our students. His classroom work is challenging, engaging, and relevant which results in improved cultural literacy and encourages students evaluate how they can learn more. Rob’s students routinely go to four year institutions and excel in their higher level coursework.”

Rob is not content with outstanding work in the classroom. He is also most energetic in his innovations to expand learning opportunities for GMC’s students. The most recent example of this is the conception, planning and execution of a Study Abroad Program. Two years ago Rob pitched a proposal to the Academic curriculum committee to add an off-campus study option to GMC coursework. After much discussion and debate the proposal was approved. With the appropriate authorization to proceed, Rob began the planning phase of his World Civilization II study abroad class. This entailed, at his own expense and on his own time, a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to conduct an on-the-ground reconnaissance of the places, people, and modes of transportation necessary to make the trip as meaningful as possible to all concerned. It all came together in November 2008 when he led a group of students to study in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris, France. The number of planning and research hours it took to make this first trip go off without a hitch is immeasurable. He was able to give these students an adventure and educational experience of a lifetime, all the while giving them untold life skills and lessons to prepare them for their future. As an aside, some of the students on Rob’s trip had never been on an airplane before so the depth of experiencing new cultures and languages in foreign lands is significant indeed.

Moreover, for continuous improvement in professional development Rob regularly presents at the World History Association Annual Conferences along with professional readings. As a result of a contact at one of the WHA Conferences, Rob was invited to the prestigious Cranbook Kingswood Upper School near Detroit Michigan to participate in their annual World Affairs Seminar.

Just one more example of Rob going above and beyond the call of duty was the recent student and faculty excursion to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. At that exhibit artifacts from China and France were on display that had to be seen in person to be truly appreciated for their historical value. The students and faculty returned with numerous laudatory comments on the trip and its value to furthering their education in history. And, to top it all off, in his spare time Rob grades for the Advanced Placement History Exam each year to maintain contacts in the discipline and continue his professional growth.

GMC has a long and proud history of being a leader in character development. Currently Rob is the Chair of the Ethics Committee. He is committed to this project and makes sure that the faculty is involved in ethics training. This committee is active on all GMC campuses, so it is a major undertaking to lead faculty at seven different locations on the schools Ethics requirements and goals. Recently Rob arranged for participation in a nationwide Webinar on Ethics in the Classroom which was attended by faculty from almost all disciplines of study at GMC. GMC also has a strong commitment to community service. Rob is committed to volunteer work, both for the school and the community. Rob coaches a youth soccer team and is actively involved in several activities such as the Boy Scouts. He is also a certified coach for youth soccer.

Rob is involved in a wide array of activities that make GMC a better institution for his effort s and results.