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More than $450,000 in Scholarship Money Awarded to GMC Cadets from Norwich University

More than $450,000 in Scholarship Money Awarded to GMC Cadets from Norwich University

$468,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to five cadets at Georgia Military College to Norwich University. Sulufaiga Shalhout, Jhakira Glover, Christian Hackney, Frank Davis, and Sinjin Ala will all graduate from GMC with an Associate’s degree in May of 2019 and commission as second Lieutenants in the United States Army before heading to Norwich University in the fall, if they so choose.

Colonel Steve Pitt, Commandant of Cadets at Georgia Military College, says this scholarship money from Norwich University gives these five cadets a great opportunity to finish their Bachelor’s degree.

“Norwich University is one of GMC’s 48 schools that we have an articulation agreement with,” Pitt said. “All of their credits with us will transfer and they are pretty much guaranteed to graduate in two years. So because of the education our cadets receive here at GMC, they’re prepared for the academic challenges they’ll face at Norwich. It’s a phenomenal military school and attending there would certainly prepare them for whatever career they choose.”

While attending Norwich University, the GMC cadets will also be a part of the Vermont National Guard, but will attend school as civilians. Hackney says the opportunities at Norwich University are just what he’s looking for.

“My dad attended a senior military college and I wanted to follow in his footsteps, and Norwich fits that mold,” Hackney said. “Going to Norwich just really puts us on a good track for later on in our careers.”

Below is the list of scholarship money awarded to each student:

Jhakira Glover $84,000
Sulufaiga Shalhout $88,000
Sinjin Ala $88,000
Christian Hackney $100,000
Frank Davis $108,000

Georgia Military College is excited for these five cadets on this next step in life!