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Money Woes for Military School

Fox 24’s Jaclyn Asztalos reports that a local military school is facing financial troubles as a large number of students are being deployed to Iraq.

College students have the stress of midterms and writing papers but over forty students at the Georgia Military College put their education on hold to face the enemy in Iraq.

Major General Peter Boylan/President Georgia Military College:
\”Out of 78 Cadets authorized the National Guard deployed about forty for training then to be deployed to Iraq.\”

Major General Peter Boylan says the large number of people leaving GMC is causing financial problems for the school.

Major General Peter Boylan/President Georgia Military College:
\”To be hit with an unanticipated $500 thousand dollar loss of revenue is a hole I can\’t dig myself out of. That\’s a problem.\”

There are yellow ribbons hugging the trees on campus in support of the troops and officials say this is the largest deployment from the GMC in years.

Major General Peter Boylan/President Georgia Military College:
\”Now about two years ago nineteen cadets were deployed to a variety of places but they were losses we were able to anticipate.\”

Congressman Jim Marshall says the State should step in.

Congressman Jim Marshall/(D) Georgia 3rd District:
\”Whether it\’s having an ongoing relationship between GMC and the students or other mechanism, the State ought to help GMC whether this period of time.\”

Officials say in the past they had time to recruit additional students to take the place of those who were deployed.

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