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Middle School Promotions and Change of Command

On May 25, 2011, two very significant events took place during the Georgia Military College Middle School final formation of the school year. First, a special promotion ceremony was held for the new Battalion Commander, the Battalion Executive Officer, three Company Commanders, and the new Command Sergeant Major. Those promoted were: c/LTC Patrick C. Lewis, c/Major Annalegh Phillips, c/Captain Scott Niblett, c/Captain Sarai Mapp, c/Captain Sarah Margret Mason, and c/CSM Trevor Sibilsky. c/Major Annalegh Phillips assumed the duties of the Battalion Executive Officer, the second in command of the Battalion, taking over for c/Major Macy Watkins. c/CSM Trevor Sibilsky assumed the duties of the Battalion Command Sergeant Major, the senior Battalion non-commissioned officer. c/CSM Ashley Vinson was the outgoing Command Sergeant Major. Next, the Change of Command Ceremony for the 3rd Battalion occurred. This ceremony is a time-honored tradition which formally symbolizes the continuity of authority as the command is passed from one individual to another, depicted by physically passing the Battalion or Company guidon. c/LTC Patrick C. Lewis assumed command of the 3rd Battalion, 133rd Regiment and will serve as the 2011-2012 Battalion Commander. The outgoing commander was c/LTC Taylore Brooks. c/CPT Scott Niblett assumed command of Echo Company. c/CPT Kristen Kuehn was the outgoing commander of Echo Company. c/CPT Sarai Mapp assumed command of Foxtrot Company. c/CPT Madison Allen was the outgoing commander of Foxtrot Company. c/CPT Sarah Margret Mason assumed command of Headquarters Company. c/CPT Analese Bridges was the outgoing Commander. The outgoing commander c/LTC Taylore Brooks was presented with a military saber, engraved on the blade and scabbard, denoting her service and command of the 3rd Battalion. After the formation, members of the middle school flag detail and honor guard were recognized and given certificates. c/MSG Joanna Barksdale, c/SSG Laughlin Smith, and c/SSG Takeria Poole were mentioned as making special contributions this year.