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Kristin Kuehn – Leadership

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Kristin Kuehn for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Leadership.

“In the science classroom, cooperative learning is used almost on a daily basis to involve the students in scientific investigations. For many incoming sixth graders, it can be quite challenging to stay focused and on task while sitting among new friends. Kristin is an exception. She keeps her group organized and makes certain that everyone is doing his or her part. Because her peers regard her so highly, her team members are usually well-behaved and motivated to perform their best. If a group member doesn’t understand a problem or task, Kristin will not spoon-feed answers but instead asks guiding questions or refers him to his science journal or a book. Kristin Kuehn exemplifies the attributes of a team leader and peer tutor by the way she effectively and consistently guides her group through any problem.”

Submitted on May 15, 2009 by
MAJ Emily Fairbrass
Grade 6 Science