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Kip Goss – (CotW) Motivation and Leadership

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Kip Goss for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Motivation and Leadership. “I would like to nominate Cadet LTC Kip Goss for Character of the Week for the virtues of motivation and leadership. It drives us, inspires us, and compels us to reach for the most impossible of dreams. It is that indefinable ingredient we call motivation–and it is the key factor that separates ordinary people from the truly great leaders of our world. Motivation, however, cannot be forced or faked. It is the responsibility of every great leader to create conditions that will empower individuals and teams to get things done in ways that they find enriching and fulfilling. Once motivated, they become transformed; they want to achieve, they want to do well. Why? Because their work matters–to their boss, to their teams, and to themselves. Our Battalion Commander, Kip Goss is a motivated leader. His appearance is sharp at all times. Over the last six weeks, he has placed first in two categories in Region Drill Meet and in the top 5 for the Georgia State Drill Meet in two highly competitive categories. A job well done!” Nominated on April 9, 2010 by SGT Van Rutledge Instructor (and so much more) GMC Prep JROTC Real Drill Team Coach