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KeShawn Harris – Honesty

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes KeShawn Harris for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Honesty.

“During Seussical rehearsals in Zell Miller, KeShawn Harris found some money in the men’s restroom. It was only $2.00; however, KeShawn knew it wasn’t his, nor was it going to be easy for him to tell whose it was, as there were so many people from different organizations and classes coming in and out of the area. KeShawn turned the money in to me when he could have just as easily “pocketed” it, with no one the wiser. Because of KeShawn’s inherent sense of HONESTY, I am nominating him for Character of the Week.”

Submitted on May 5, 2009 by
Dr. Martin Vasquez
Choral, General Music & Drama