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Karlie Walker – INTERGRITY

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Karlie Walker for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of INTEGRITY.

“I would like to nominate Karlie Walker for character of the week for exhibiting the virtue of INTERGRITY. I gave Karlie back a test to make corrections on in order to earn points towards her overall grade. However, I did not realize that she had already written the correct answers on the test as we were going over it previously. Karlie brought this to my attention, knowing that it would not be fair for her to make corrects on the original test paper since the correct answers were already there. Karlie is a fairly new student at GMC and has already shown what it means to demonstrate character above all by having outstanding personal integrity!”

Submitted on April 10, 2009
MAJ Valerie Dixon
MS Science